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Our references

Our digital solutions aim for an optimal quality of service for every public passenger transport stakeholder. Our clients are our ambassadors. It’s thanks to them that we can continually improve and offer solutions that meet their needs, no matter where they are.

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Hubup, It’s

equipped vehicles

Trips completed with Geolite in 2023

Driving hours with Flexnav in 2023

Active users on Inlink in 2023


Focus on Berthelet

In the execution of its strategy to modernize its onboard equipment, Berthelet has chosen the partnership between Hubup – Zenbus – Lumiplan to equip its vehicles.

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Originally deployed on behalf of SYTRAL mobilités, Hubup currently equips around a hundred vehicles with its onboard units.

The Geolite solution lies at the heart of the existing architecture at Berthelet. We automatically retrieve driver and vehicle data from ABC Planning. As a result, the driver can carry out their services confidently through the app with GPS guidance at each step: dead mileage and commercial services.

Automatically, the system shares trip information with the Lumiplan onboard passenger information system to control destination displays and audible announcements, in compliance with Annex 11. We also transmit real-time vehicle positions to Zenbus, which provides clear commercial statistics as well as a GTFS-RT feed used to power SYTRAL’s tools.


Focus on T2C

T2C (Public transportation network of Clermont-Ferrand) has chosen Geolite, our Operations Control & PI system to equip its peri-urban network. More than 70 vehicles on over 30 lines are accompanied daily by Geolite.

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A high-performance platform to track your charters and provide passenger information on a network operated by multiple operators.

For the past 3 years, Geolite has been supporting daily charters on the peri-urban network of Clermont-Ferrand. Thanks to tablets installed in the vehicles, drivers have real-time access to their schedules, delays, and course itineraries.

On the back office, T2C can easily view all the vehicles of its charters and quickly compile operational data from different transporters. This saves time when compiling ridership and commercial mileages statistics.

Communicating changes to the service has been greatly simplified. Thanks to the GPS integrated into Geolite, drivers are guided on new routes when they are modified. They also have digital forms at their disposal for their passenger counts. For their itineraries, they can rely on automatic mileage readings to simplify their daily routine.

Large urban area

Focus on RATP

Ratp can improve its efficiency right away with Hubup product. They give us the possibility for a bus driver to change rapidly the itinerary and help them drive like it was the first itinerary.


The RATP is collaborating with the French company Hubup to equip its drivers with over 200 GPS devices enriched with the constraints of the Parisian bus network. Drivers can be guided and learn new line routes with the help of this digital tool.

The GPS Flexnav is installed near the driver’s seat, allowing the driver to travel the route with peace of mind with the indicated itinerary, potential danger points identified, and driving tips. Deployed gradually since 2017, the tablets are now in use on nearly 250 lines.

Flexnav was notably used in the training of the 700 drivers recruited to launch the new Parisian bus network on April 20, 2019. With the modification of 50 bus lines and 4000 affected stops, the challenge of training and supporting agents is crucial.


Focus on STCLM

Internal communication, assistance in training, as well as monitoring of chartered services: STCLM is a user of all of our products that accompany them on a daily basis.

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With its 350 employees, 120 vehicles, and 40 lines, STCLM has been our first client and has remained loyal to us since 2016.

Initially launched with internal communication on their drivers’ personal smartphones, we quickly worked together on all of their issues related to the digitalization of their professions and processes.

In addition to communicating more efficiently through Inlink, the drivers are also guided on their routes Flexnav, which provided them with great assistance during the network restructuring of 2021. We were also able to integrate other services for managing the schedules of their supervisors or handling customer complaints.

Since 2020, they have also been using our Geolite solution to track the services performed by their subcontractors Europe Voyages, Villessot, and Synergie Mobilités.

Focus on the CTY

” Hubup is still as responsive as they were at the beginning, and it is really reassuring to know that we have been supported in the same way for three years.” Nathalie Peltier – Communication manager – CTY

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La Compagnie des Transports du Yonnais, a subsidiary of RATP group, operates the public transport network in La Roche-sur-Yon area. Since 2019, they have been using Inlink as a communication solution within their operations.

135 employees (drivers, staff and supervisors) communicate daily through the Inlink messaging system, share and consult documents online, and submit their leave requests.

The management can easily communicate various information related to the smooth running of the operation through Inlink; employee arrivals and departures, Covid measures, diversions and road problems. In total, more than 220 announcements were created in 2021.

Since the end of 2021, CTY has also been using GPS Flexnav for driver training. The Impulsyon network serves the 13 municipalities of La Roche-sur-Yon metropolitan area. It consists of 18 regular lines, 3 school lines, special services, and reservation services for everyone.

Focus on Transdev Royan

Transdev Royan, operator of the Cara’Bus network, has chosen Flexnav, the training GPS, to support its 75 drivers in learning the routes of its urban network.

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After a 2-month trial during the summer of 2021, Transdev Royan, operator of the network Cara’bus, has decided to equip its drivers with 2 tablets so that they can be accompanied throughout the year.

Welcoming, integrating, and training new drivers are among the most important and fundamental missions for Transdev Royan, especially during the summer period. Indeed, a driver who feels comfortable and who knows the routes is an autonomous, serene, and motivated driver.

To ensure that everything is prepared as best as possible, lines are created the most detailed service possible so that the driver, through Flexnav, can receive the same information that the trainer would have given during their training.

This also helps to facilitate management and organization on the operational side. As a result, everyone is more at ease even during periods of high activity!


Focus on Origami, the tailor-made
transportation service of RATP

From the design of commercial offers to their implementation and invoicing, Origami (ex STL) has integrated our solutions at the heart of their operations at all levels.


With a purely occasional activity and its 65 employees, PSM, subsidiary entity of Origami, has adopted a tool to industrialize its methodology for responding to ad hoc transport requests.

In the context of shuttles for businesses, collective tickets for local authorities, or substitution operations involving more than 5000 drivers to inform, Origami uses our various tools to design, transmit, ansd retrieve information.

Despite the occasional nature of their activity, each of their operations is monitored with the same quality as what can be found typically for regular passenger transport. The indicators are accessible, readable, and relevant. Drivers are accompanied at each step of their daily work, and passengers can benefit from a visualization of the vehicle using a system for privatizing the interfaces.