Intercity and school transportation

Enhance intercity and school transportation with traveler information

Hubup supports intercity and school transportation networks with efficient, user-friendly and budget-controlled Operations control & Real-time PI system and GPS guidance tools.

Improve the working environment on the ground

With 100% digital communication, a rich and fast GPS-based driving training, and real-time fleet management tools, stay in constant contact with your teams on the ground.

GPS-based driver training

We provide you with a GPS fully adapted to the constraints of the bus. Stop points, guidance indications, accident-prone areas, driving tips, guided by customizable visual and auditory indications throughout the journey.

Reduce turnover and absenteeism

With Hubup, limit the effects of driver shortages on your network. Support them in their daily lives with the intelligent GPS Flexnav, a schedule consultation tool, an internal messaging system, and incident reporting forms with Inlink.

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Retain your drivers

Provide your drivers with applications and tools that make their daily lives easier for more comfort in and out of the bus.

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Reduce absenteeism

Make your business flexible through seamless information transfer and on-going line training for drivers.

Flexnav is a true driving aid tool that effectively and easily trains and secures our travels.

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Focus on

The Haut-Saint-Laurent RCM has chosen Hubup as the tool for monitoring its collective and on-demand transportation network in Québec.

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Geolite’s flexibility has made it easy to adapt the platform to the specific needs of the RCM. With a fleet consisting of buses, minibuses, and taxis, it was difficult to find a tool that could handle all situations.

The ability to have different types of transportation (collective, on-demand, and adapted) on the same tool allows for increased efficiency and better drive support.

With a diverse transportation offering, it can be difficult to find a tool that can handle the specific needs of different use cases of the platform. Geolite’s Operations Control & Real-time PI system, due to its modularity and flexibility, has been able. tomeet the various needs of the RCM.

The tool has been deployed on the buses responsible for public transportation and allows them to navigate routes that can be long and difficult to remember. It also allows drivers to know in real-time their progress/delay compared to theoretical schedules in order to try to respect them as much as possible. 

The platform has also made it easier for the RCM to track the mileage covered by the drivers. It is no longer necessary to fill out and compile the drivers’ log sheets to obtain the miles driven each week.

Finally, the mobile application has helped streamline communication between dispatchers and drivers. The various modules available have made it easy to report issues encountered on the road, as well as feedback from drivers, to improve the transportation plan.




Ensure high-quality service

Don’t let daily issues affect you anymore! We will provide you with real-time alerts for no-shows and late service starts, so you can quickly respond and ensure service continuity.

Wake-up alerts and tracking of service starts

Hubup alerts you in case of a wake-up failure or delay in starting a service. This allows you to quickly and effectively respond, preventing missed services.

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Punctuality and real-time vehicle location

With Hubup, you have a complete view of all current and upcoming services in real-time. You will be notified of vehicles arriving early or significantly late at stops.

Geowatch, Mobile Control station

Don’t have a central control station? Now it fits in your pocket! Control your network from anywhere with our lightweight and powerful regulation application.

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Operation reports and replay of routes

At the end of the day, review the operation report of your lines and receive detailed statistics on the services provided: position history, stops served, mileage… Handling complaints and reporting to the organizing authorities has never been easier!

What about the equipment?

Operating with any operating system, our solutions can be installed on your existing equipment. If necessary, we can also provide boxes designed to address integration issues in your vehicles.

Easy and quick integration

Manufactured in France in our Paris facility, our boxes are adaptable to your operational needs for mobile or stationary use, without the need to involve an integrator.

Sound amplification, power adaptation, we can provide solutions that match your use cases.
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A turnkey deployment

We can provide all the necessary elements to get started: from hardware to software, including SIM cards.
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Integration with existing equipment

Do you already have equipment? SIM cards? No problem, we deploy Hubup solutions on your equipment, at no additional cost.

Temporary rental of boxes & tablets

You need to perform a replacement operation, temporary services or a training campaign? We can offer you licenses and equipment for rent for a determined period.

Stand out during bidding

Hubup supports you during your responses to bidding process. Easily operate your network and provide clear, relevant and easy to integrate passenger information.

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A comprehensive inventory of your network

Conduct a network inventory easily: collect and create a database containing routes, schedules and stops. Define actions to be taken and provide clear reports to your organizing authority to enhance your response.

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High-quality operational reports

Access complete and automatic daily operational reports. Keeping network stakeholders informed has never been so easy!

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Clear and comprehensive passenger information

Our system tracks the real-time position of your buses, making them available on the web, your passenger apps, and public open data through a GTFS-RT feed.

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Interconnection with existing tools and equipment

Our systems connect to passenger information displays, destination signs, screens and onboard speakers, enabling full control of your equipment.