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By combining cutting-edge technologies with close human relationships, we support our partners in France and around the world in their transition towards Mobility As A Service.

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Our history

What is Hubup?

Founded in 2016 by four engineering partners, Hubup was born out of the realization of a major issue in public transportation: the complexity, and sometimes the absence, of interactions between different market stakeholders.

We believe that the success of public transportation lies in its ability to shorten the distances between each person involved.

We work towards a more digital world with our three solutions: Geolite (Operations control & PI system), Flexnav (Training GPS), and Inlink (Internal Communication digital tool).

For even more efficient public transportation, we
shorten the distances
between each of its stakeholders.

Our commitments


Let’s promote the management of your entire network

With our Operations control & PI system, you have control over your fleet at all times. And because there is no more valuable source of on-the-ground information than your drivers, Hubup allows you to maintain a simple and direct connection with them.

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Let’s facilitate the relationship between the driver and their environment

Whether on the bus, at the depot, or even at home, Hubup enables drivers to make their day as straightforward as possible. Schedules, rotations, substitutions, communication – everything is made simpler.


Let’s streamline passenger information

With Geolite, you can real-time manage your transport network and instantly share information with passengers. No matter what happens, passengers are always close to the information.

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Our values



Simplicity is the word on everyone’s lips in our teams. All our considerations and decisions are guided by the concern for efficiency, at all levels of the network, in order to offer you solutions that meet the expectations of authorities, operators, drivers, and passenger clients.



The pursuit of efficiency is never at the expense of simplicity. Our solutions are designed to be implemented and used as easily as possible. We continuously enhance our solutions to provide the best user experience.


A question? Need support? As a true daily partner, we are here to meet all your needs. You will have a dedicated sales contact and a technical reference person for your sector.

Hubup, It’s

equipped vehicles

Trips completed with Geolite in 2023

Driving hours with Flexnav in 2023

Active users on Inlink in 2023

Why work with us?

A company made in France

From product design to customer support, and including the development of our solutions, all Hubup products and services are created 100% in France. And we are proud of it!

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Independent and sustainable

Choose proximity and trust: Hubup is a completely independent company, working for years with diverse stakeholders in different countries. Moreover, all our data and servers are hosted in France.

Certification Qualiopi

Choosing a training certified by Qualiopi offers a double guarantee: acquiring high-quality skills in using our tools and up to 100% coverage of your investments by the OPCO (French vocational training funding organization).

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A daily support

Reduce distances is our priority. You have a sales representative and a technical contact for your organization. Our sales representatives come to train the teams at your premises.

A turnkey deployment

From hardware to software, including SIM cards, we can provide you with all the necessary elements to get started. We also manage communications with various service providers.

A proactive approach

Focused on economic intelligence, our approach results in tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your specific needs. Whether it’s annual licenses, monthly subscriptions, rentals for smartphones or heavy equipment, we customize our offerings for you.

An experience that strengthens us

With over 6 years of experience in transportation, we already equip more than 3500 vehicles spread across more than 100 operations. Hubup benefits from an in-depth understanding of bus driving constraints (Transdev, Keolis…).

A team of experts at your service

Choose proximity and trust. We commit to being close to you, solving your challenges, and adapting to your needs, regardless of the size of your organization.

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Listining, responsiveness, and flexibility - these are a few words I would use to describe our partnership with Hubup.

Franck Wirtz