Urban transportation networks

Train, Support, and Strengthen the connection with the Members of Your organization

Are you an urban transport network? Hubup offers agile and efficient tools to easily manage your transport network, while ensuring optimal service quality.

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Training and support

Strengthen the bond with your drivers by optimizing their training and supporting them daily, throughout their services.

High-performance solutions for your operations

From supporting your drivers in their training to managing your on-board ecosystem, our solutions integrate seamlessly into your company without disrupting existing processes.

Benefit from our expertise in supporting urban companies of all sizes and structures.

Flexnav - transport urbain

Driver training through GPS

We provide you with a GPS fully adapted to the constraints of the bus. Stops, guidance indications, accident-prone areas, driving tips, guided by customizable visual and audio indications throughout the journey.

A stress-free guidance in all conditions

A replacement, a substitution, a restructuring of the network? The GPS Flexnav accompanies your drivers in any situation and allows them to travel all lines in commercial mode, from the first journey… and with complete peace of mind!

Transport urbain - Un guidage serein en toutes conditions

The best GPS navigation system

Precise navigation, accident-prone areas, voice guidance, level crossings, route exit rerouting, discover the features that make our integrated GPS tools the best on the market and most suited for bus and coach drivers.


Flexnav is intuitive, easily adaptable and helped us avoid the departure of seasonal drivers who lacked confidence (lack of route mastery, rapid integration and recognition of lines) especially this summer.

Xavier Lebosse


Continuous support for your staff

After their training is complete, keep in touch with your drivers. Hubup helps them progress in their punctuality commitments, thanks to real-time updates on progress and delays, and simplifies the reporting of incidents. This improves the smoothness and performance of your bus network.

Accompagnement guidage - Transport urbain
Handshake - Transport urbain
Conduite - Transport urbain

Save 70% on your duplication costs

Improve and unify the driver training experience: with Flexnav GPS, your drivers can navigate in commercial situations on any line, from their first trip.

Dépôt - Transport urbain

Simplify your replacements

Absences, substitutions, roadworks or even network restructuring, our solutions adapt to your challenges and best accompany your drivers during these times of change.

Maintenance - Transport urbain

2 times less accidents

Better supported, your drivers are more relaxed on their routes, even in case of deviation. Thus, they can focus more on driving and the well-being of passengers.

Efficiently manage your network

Have an extremely reliable and easy-to-use Operations Control & Real-time Passenger information system, and access detailed statistics of your network from anywhere.

A reliable and fast-to-integrate Operations Control & Real-time passenger information system

Our Operations Control & Real-time Passenger information system is reliable, comprehensive, and quick to implement. It supports your drivers with ease and allows you to have an overview of your network at the depot or on the move.

SAEIV embarqué - Page d'accueil

Geolite, the Operations control & Real-time passenger information system displays line thermometer, punctuality, GPS guidance with route diversions, regulatory messages, voice communication, etc. to drivers.

Statistiques Geolite - Transport urbain

Detailed statistics

Enjoy detailed statistics on your network, all in one place: travel time, mileages, average speeds, driver punctuality, etc… that you can export as. asummary report or make accessible to transport authorities directly from the application.

Interconnections with your embedded equipment

All of our solutions can easily connect with your embedded equipment (destination displays, passenger information displays, audio announcements, etc.). In the same way, we interconnect with your scheduling and display software.

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Trip recorder

Access a highly accurate replay of each trip taken by drivers in the field. You have a reliable means of verification in case of customer complaint, and a very detailed level of trip analysis.

Rejeu de courses - Transport urbain

Reduce distances with your subcontractors

Reduce distances with your subcontractors and their drivers, thanks to modular and efficient digital communication (Inlink), guidance (Flexnav) and Fleet management & PIS tools (Geolite).

Strengthen your ties with chartered companies

Establish a trusting relationship with your subcontractors by strengthening information exchanges: get the real-time location of their vehicles and communication schedule or route changes to them in a fully digital manner.

Rapports d'exploitation - Transport urbain

Customized and operator-optimized access

Provide each of your subcontractors with. aquality Operations Control & Real-time passenger information system without giving them access to all of your network information. Thanks to a clever system of access separation, each chartered operator will only see the data that concerns them.

Reconnect your subcontractors to the overall Passenger Information system

With Hubup, the services of your subcontractors are directly integrated into the overall Passenger information system of your network: suburban, school, occasional, on demand, you have a single access point to your passenger information.

Un guidage serein en toutes conditions - Transport urbain

Reduce turnover and absenteeism

With Hubup, limit the effects of the driver shortage on your network. Accompany them in their daily lives with the intelligent GPS Flexnav, a scheduling consultation tool, an internal messaging system, and incident reporting forms, Inlink.

Fidélisez - Transport urbain

Retain your drivers

Provide your drivers with applications and tools that make their daily lives easier for more comfort both in and out of the driving position.

Missed Chance - Transport urbain

Reduce absenteeism

Make your business more flexible through a smooth flow of information and continuous driver training on the line.