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Inlink – Internal communication tool

With Inlink, simplify and energize information transmission using digital tools. Go paperless and ensure optimal tracking of requests.

Inlink - L'outil de communication digitale

Simplify daily exchanges

Available on Android and iOS, the internal communication tool Inlink is easy to use, accessible, and reinforces the sense of belonging to your organization.


Streamline the information flow

A detour? A change in the network’s offering? An event from the CSE? Facilitate the transmission of information through the creation of announcements and reports. With the help of digital tools, strengthen the proximity between the various members of your organization.

Inlink - Annonces
Inlink - Documents partagés et Planning



Don’t clutter your briefing rooms with loose documents anymore! Digitize your operating documents and stay notified of any exchanges. Inlink is designed to assist drivers and improve quality of work life.


Simplify your procedures

Multiple depots? Drivers often off-site? Enhance communication between your drivers and the control center with fully customizable forms. Consolidate requests, on-field feedback, and any other topics directly within the app.

Inlink - Signalements et formulaires
Inlink - Signalements et formulaires


Master communication

On a voluntary basis, transition to professional and secure digital communication. Engage with the entire organization or just a group of employees, and receive read receipts to ensure that the information has been properly conveyed.

In the world of transportation, a driver’s fundamental need is to feel integrated, to be part of a community. Frequently on the move or off-site, they have little time to manage the administrative aspect of their work, and information is often lost in the overall context.

This is where Inlink comes in, a revolution in the specialized communication world of transportation.

One of the major challenges faced is the lack of smooth communication between the driver and the control center. Therefore, we offer, on a voluntary basis, through Inlink, an independent, scalable communication app dedicated to your daily reality.

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Inlink contributes to the sense of integration and belonging to the company. Everyone can make suggestions on the app, whether it's the drivers, employee representatives, or even our colleagues who are not on the same site as us.

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of users are active on the app after 6 months.

Inlink - Échéances et outils intégrés

License and training deadlines

Receive notifications about the deadlines for your drivers’ licenses and training, as well as the maintenance deadlines for your vehicles.

Integration of existing tools and equipment

We can integrate various tools such as Gescar, HappyPal, Doctolib, Digiposte, and many others.

Track usage

Manage your activity and that of Inlink app users.

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