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Improve traveler information and strengthen trust with your operators

Easy and quick use, our tools facilitate the exchange of information with operators and provide quality passenger information.
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Provide quality service to your users

GPS guidance, internal communication application, accurate trip tracking, passenger information portal… All of our solutions can be quickly implemented and integrated with your onboard equipment, thanks to our teams who are always attuned to your needs.

Unified and multi-channel passenger information

Provide the same quality of passenger information from urban, interurban and school services through a dedicated app, a web portal, or a page that can be integrated into your own media.

Information voyageur - Geolite

Real-time mapping

We can provide access to passenger information that includes real-time positions, delay/advance, detours, and alerts, accessible through a link or QR code, or directly integrated into your website or applications!

Display of detours

Road work, accident, demonstration… The route of a line is changed at the last minute? Passengers are informed in real-time about the traffic situation and immediately notified in case of a detour. They are then redirected, if necessary, to the substitute stops.

Integration with your onboard equipment

Hubup feeds the routing calculators of your sites and applications through a GTFS-RT feed, as well as your passenger information terminals and al your other onboard equipment: signboards, light panels, screens, audio announcements, Annex 11 compatible.

Strengthen trust with your operators

Get closer to your operators with reliable and easy-to-use tools that will keep you informed in real-time of all network activity.


Ease of information exchanges

Easily track the performance of your network with our user-friendly and easy-to-use operational platform. Now, you have the same level of information as your operators and trust is strengthened.

Driver support

GPS guidance system adapted to bus constraints, internal communication platform, digitalization of service information… We make it easier for drivers to work and simplify the lives of operators, reducing turnover and improving service quality.


Simple et user-friendly tools

Our solutions are easy to use and automatically integrate with your existing tools. No complex actions or setup is required on your part.

Focus on

The Communauté intercommunale des villes solidaires (CIVIS), Mobility organizing authority in the southwestern part of Réunion Island.

For the operation. of its school services, the CIVIS as chosen the offer from the Transports MOOLAND, Charles Express  and Transport Ah Niave consortium. The Community has made a strong choice to emphasize the technical value of the offer.

The quality of the consortium’s response allowed it to be selected, particularly due to the inclusion of the Hubup and Zenbus solutions in their offer. Today, the passengers on the CIVIS school network can benefit from a service focused on quality thanks to the joint operation of our two applications.

In addition to facilitating daily vehicle tracking, Inlink also ensures the condition of the fleet by facilitating control by the CIVIS teams while automatically sharing the information with the concerned operator.

Equipped vehicles



Interconnection with Zenbus

Statistics and reports

With Hubup, you benefit from automatic daily reports, precise statistics on journey times, punctuality, and anomalies during services performed.

Statistiques Geolite

Average and compared punctuality

At the level of a trip, a line, or the entire network, choose punctuality and service quality indicators and compare several periods against each other.

Fine analysis of stops

With precise readings, detect missed stops and areas and time slots of slowing and delay.

Statistiques 2
Statistiques 3

Inter-stop and speeds

Analyze inter-stop times and determine actions to take on schedules to optimize the theoretical offer.

Detailed operational report

Receive daily and monthly reports detailing overall and line-by-line services, automatically by email in simple formats.

SAEIV Geolite - Rapports d'exploitation détaillés

Clear and accessible data

The service data is compiled into simple and concise tables and graphs. You can also retrieve the raw data if needed.


Automated report export

Schedule automatic report deliveries to email lists on a daily or monthly basis, and set recipient for quality service indicator notifications.


A secure and dedicated web portal

Enjoy a unified access to a supervisory portal that brings together data from all your operators: real-time vehicles, statistics, and reports.

Choose reliability

Bet on a company that has already proven itself in supporting bus networks. All of our services are operated in-house by a team trained in the requirements of public transportation and passionate about the challenges of the sector.

Our experience makes our strength

With over six years of experience in transportation, Hubup benefits from a deep understanding of the driving constraints on buses. From urban networks (RATP, STAN…) to regional networks (Transdev, Keolis…), we already equip over 3500 vehicles spread over more than 100 operations.

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An independant and made-in-France company

Choose proximity and trust: Hubup is a completely independent company, our products are made in France, and all our data is hosted in France.

A team of experts at your service

Development of tools, production of cases, training… To understand and meet the expectations of our customers, all of our services are performed in-house, without subcontractors or intermediaries. Our team has all the technical skills to meet your needs.