Illevia, Regional transport authority of Britanny and Inlink

Publié le 28 February 2024
Illevia is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment, created in 2011 by the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine to operate part of its interurban transport network (formerly known as Illenoo). As a result of the NOTRe Law of August, 7 2015, which provides for the transfer of interurban transport competencies from Departments to Regions, Illevia was transferred to the Britanny Region in September 2017. Since that date, the Region has been operating the southern part of the Ille-et-Vilaine region of the BreizhGo cars, the public transport network of the Britanny Region in France.
Xavier Moysan, Agent de Planning chez Illevia
Rennes - Bretagne
Plan du réseau BreizhGo

For the past 3 years, Illevia has been using our internal communication tool, Inlink to improve information transmission among its various members and to reduce paper usage through digital means.

On this occasion, we interviewed Xavier, a planning agent at Illevia to understand his profession and the use of Inlink within the company.


Xavier, could you please introduce yourself?

I am Xavier Moysan, and I have been working at Illevia, the regional transport authority of Brittany, for ten years now. I started as a regular driver and eventually moved up to the position of planning agent, having held just about every driving-related position before joining the office team.

What do you mean by driving-related positions?

We can talk about versatile driver positions, those formerly known as ‘voltigeurs’ or replacement drivers; controllers, regulators, and planning agents.

What is the difference between the controller and the regulator?

The controller is the agent in charge of checking tickets or passes on board the vehicle. It’s not so much about enforcement but rather about prevention and awareness. I was sworn in to be able to take up this position, and then I moved on to regulation. Now, I’ve been in the planning agent position since December 2023, so it’s quite recent.

What is the role of a regulator? What are their tasks?

So, the regulator’s role is to ensure the smooth operation of the company. They handle vehicles, manage pooling, vehicle condition, and everything related to maintenance. The planning agent, on the other hand, complements the regulator as they ensure the smooth continuity of services, from the morning shift sign-ins to the return to the depot. They are on the frontline and in constant contact with the drivers.

Could you explain to me what a regie is?

The ‘regie’ is a public company, which was created by the department of Ille-et-Vilaine in our case. Today, our contracting authority is the Brittany region for whom we operate part of the Ille-et-Vilaine network. Every eight years, there is a new market division which potentially allows us to acquire new lots.

Illevia has been in existence since 2011. How many employees and depots do you have?

We have 95 employees including office staff. In terms of depots, we have the central depot here in Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Seiche, as well as around ten external depots located mostly at the head of each route.

What are your activities and in what area do you operate?

We operate both intercity and regular line services. We also have a few school-related services and one pure school service. Let’s say we operate the network within a radius of about 50 to 60 kilometers around Rennes.

Over the past 3 years, you’ve been using Inlink. Has it been an added value for you as a planning agent?

Yes! Our planning tool is Gescar, but with Inlink, we have additional features. For example, accessibility! Inlink is a fairly intuitive and user-friendly application, and it offers many features to the driver. On my end, I use this complementarity to communicate with them.

Inlink can be installed on iOS and Android on a voluntary basis on personal smartphones. Do you use professional smartphones?

Many drivers prefer to have only one phone. Nowadays, it’s possible to have two SIM cards in one phone, and some prefer to use their personal phone, so it’s not an issue. That being said, if needed, we offer them a professional phone.

How did the internal implementation go?

Pretty well! It took a bit longer for some employees who had some difficulties with new technologies. Overall, it was straightforward and well-received. Today, everyone uses it.

Do you have any feedback from the drivers about the tool? Do you think Inlink reinforces the sense of belonging internally?

Yes, I believe so. Communication is much smoother, and the transmission of information is facilitated. Drivers know that regulation is open from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm, but it’s much simpler for them to send a quick message if they are at home; we receive it and respond promptly. Here, they have access and can easily communicate with the office and each other.

Before Inlink, how did you manage?

We used a lot of paper. Over a week of work, the driver had all their daily sheets and rest sheets, so it was a lot of paper over the month. With Inlink, we save time and avoid loose sheets of paper.

How would you describe the relationship between Illevia and Hubup?

I would say we have a good relationship! We have in front of us a dynamic, responsive, and accessible team.

And Inlink in one word?

Revolution! The tool has brought freshness and modernity to the functioning of the company.
Car Breizhgo, reseau de transport collectif public de la region Bretagne
Car Breizhgo, reseau de transport collectif public de la region Bretagne
Thank you, Xavier, for sharing your experience, and to the Illevia teams for their trust! We wish them safe travels.