Yann Vitet, Communication manager at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
Yann Vitet
Today, meet Yann Vitet, Communication manager at Hubup. Discover his journey!

Yann, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Of course, Yann VITET, I’m 29 years old and I am Communication manager at Hubup.

What is your background?

A somewhat unconventional career path as I come from the world of wine, a world of conviviality and sharing (a bit like communication and the public transport sector)!

Passionate about wine, I studied in the field of wine and spirits trade between Bordeaux and Avignon. After some professional experiences in France and abroad, I had the opportunity to manage a wine cellar for 3 years. Then, I wanted something else.

Why did you choose to change careers?

After three years of management and commerce in B to C, I wanted to reorient myself more towards the support side of sales in marketing & communication.

Through word of mouth, I learned about the ISCOD school and enrolled. In July 2022, I started a second Master’s degree in marketing & communication in apprenticeship at Hubup. For a year, I trained in the fundamentals of marketing & communication and the specificities of digital solutions for public transport.

I had the opportunity to build the marketing & communication strategy in a company that until July 2022 has no human resources focused on this topic. A mission that was not always easy, but I found my place and proved myself!

Can you describe what you do at Hubup?

Primarily, I take care of managing our LinkedIn page and publishing content, as well as redesigning our website. I am also involved in creating external documentation with our unique graphic charter, internal communication with the organization of events to strengthen internal cohesion, and the organization of professional trade shows in which we participate.

What is your greatest pride at Hubup?

I would say, the success of my career change! I first evolved in an apprenticeship in the complex and highly technical field of digital solutions for public transport. Communicating about technical elements that are not always mastered is not an easy task.

Also, the redesign of the website, a long-term effort but one that has finally borne fruit!

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I have always been drawn to languages and travel, likely linked to being born in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Whenever I can, I set out to discover a new country and culture to gain in open-mindedness, autonomy, and inner richness. Traveling makes me grow!

As for my hidden talent, I am unbeatable when it comes to knowing the capitals of regions and countries around the world. I have also been playing the trumpet since I was little.