William Podetti, developer at Hubup

Publié le 28 February 2024
William Podetti
Today, we give the floor to William Podetti, a full-stack developer at Hubup. Discover his journey!

William, could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is William Podetti, I’m 31 years old, and I’m originally from Seine-Et-Marne. I joined Hubup in January 2024 as a Full Stack developer.

What is your background?

As a graduate engineer in embedded systems, I worked in the automotive industry from 2016 until the end of 2023. I was involved in electronic integration, software quality assurance, and served as a Product Owner before joining Hubup.

How did you discover Hubup?

As a childhood friend of Eric, the president of Hubup, I followed the company’s journey through his stories. So, naturally, when I made the decision to redirect my career, I turned to him.

Why did you choose to change careers?

I’ve always wanted to pursue development (originally embedded), and after a first opportunity out of school that didn’t align with that path, I gravitated towards software development without ever becoming a developer myself. I held onto this desire, and I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the resignation/retraining scheme to change careers. I find web development appealing because it’s very versatile, and I’m convinced that my previous experiences will enable me to be a true Swiss Army knife in this role.

What do you do at Hubup?

Currently, I’m redesigning the route creation interface in Flexnav, with a focus on offering the best possible user experience without completely disrupting user habits.

Do you have a preference for back end or front end work?

I have a preference for the front end. I enjoy seeing what I create come to life on the screen, I have an eye for detail, and I believe my experience as a Product Owner has helped me understand what makes a good user interface.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I love gaming! From small video games to big board games, I enjoy discovering new gaming experiences and organizing gatherings to enjoy them with friends.