Tiphaine Gimel, Business developer at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
L'interview du jour - Tiphaine Gimel
Today, meet Tiphaine Gimel, Business developer from Bourgogne Franche-Comté to PACA région at Hubup. Disvover her journey!

Tiphaine, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us more about the position you currently hold?

My name is Tiphaine Gimel, I’m 25 years old, and I am from Aix-en-Provence. At Hubup, I work as a Business developer for the Southeast region. This includes Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and the PACA region. I started this position at the end of September 2022 after completing my business studies in Strasbourg.

How did you discover the role of Business developer?

Initially, i came from a specialized marketing background. However, during my studies, I undertook prospecting missions for a local newspaper to sell advertising space to stores in the neighborhood. But it was somewhat by chance that I discovered the role of a Business developer. I came across a job offer, found the tasks interesting, and thought it was entirely possible to connect them with my marketing knowledge.

So, I started a position as a Business developer in the parcel transport industry, which reinforced my desire to continue in this field.

How did you discover Hubup?

I was looking for a new experience exclusively in Paris to discover everything that this city has to offer. In my search, I found the job posting from the company Hubup, which was looking for a new Business developer for the Southeast region. Being originally from the South of France, I have a special attraction to this region to which I am very attached.

I also came from the transportation sector, which I thought would be an advantage. However, it turned out that the world of passenger transportation was obviously different from parcel transport.

Once I met the team, I was able to discover their vision and expectations, which convinced me to join the adventure!

What do you appreciate in your job?

I have always had a real attraction to jobs where I could be in direct contact with clients. Through these roles, you can discover their issues, organization, or prospects for development. The field aspect, inherent to the role of a Business developer, allows for creating real proximity with our clients and being able to respond to their expectations optimally.

Being able to directly train the teams on-site gives a different relationship than that of a sedentary salesperson; we really get to know our clients through this.

If you had to describe Hubup in three words?

Responsiveness, proximity, and team cohesion.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I am passionate about cooking and good food. I am always looking for culinary discoveries, whether it’s world cuisines or traditional French gastronomy. When I visit a city or a country, I like to eat in a typical restaurant to taste original flavors that I may not find elsewhere. I am unable to mention my favorite dish, but my best memories are of my grandmother’s cooking.