How does Hubup bring you closer to your drivers?

Publié le 15 November 2023
Communication is a crucial aspect of operating a bus service. What communication strategy should be implemented when hundreds of people arre traveling across a city, a department, or an entire region?

While many procedures in the transportation industry are paper-based, Transport du Grand Longwy (TGL) has implemented the Hubup tool to support their digitalization policy.

Drivers have access to the Hubup app on their personal phones (iOS or Android), providing them with multiple services.

The reports

The reports used to be documented in writing at the operation center. Due to the complexity of the process, some of them were simply not reported, or were only communicated verbally without any follow-up.

Our reporting tool has centralized all these requests, making it possible to process them easily and quickly, whether from a phone or a computer.

A concrete example of its use is during the driver’s shift. Instead of having to return to the office to report any issues, the driver can use the Hubup app to report it directly, adding photos and an audio description. Once sent, the maintenance team is immediately informed and can address it promptly.

Thanks to this simplification, drivers can report issues more easily and quickly.


Our tool allows the distribution of the driver’s schedule directly to their phone for the day, week, or month, following the operation’s policy.

So, they no longer need to check their locker every morning to ensure that their schedule hasn’t been modified due to a last-minute change.  This allows the transportation company to be much more flexible in case of modifications, and drivers can be more confident about the accuracy of the information conveyed to them through notifications.


Communication between drivers and the transportation company is crucial throughout the day. While it’s very easy to convey a message when everyone is in the same location, informing drivers quickly becomes more challenging when they are on duty. That’s why the messaging tool was developed.

Service exchanges and leave

Another use that we have digitized is the exchange of services. To date, an employee with an urgent need to free up time for personal reason must be able to find a replacement on their own.

With Inlink, they can directly post an advertisement to offer their service or exchange.

Once this request is approved by operations, their schedule is automatically modified.

The acceleration of exchanges allows for greater flexibility in drivers’ schedules, thereby improving their quality of life at work. This is now an essential element for companies wishing to maintain their attractiveness, considering that, to date, employee well-being at work is the number one priority for 59% of French employees.

* BVA survey for Salesforce, conducted from March 14 to 19, 2018, with a sample of  1202 employees, representative of the employed population aged 18 and over, using the quota method.