Cyprien Moreau, Co-founder & Sales Director at Hubup

Publié le 23 November 2023
Cyprien Moreau
Today, meet Cyprien Moreau, Co-founder & Sales Director at Hubup. Discover his journey!

Cyprien, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Cyprien Moreau. I am 32 years old and live between the Fontainebleau forest and the Loing River with my wife and two sons. Currently, I am the Sales Director at Hubup and one of the founders along with Eric, Antoine, and Quentin.

What is your background?

After receiving my engineering degree from Arts et Métiers in Bordeaux, I worked as a business manager in a small luxury company. Shortly thereafter, I joined Eric, Quentin, and Antoine to co-found Hubup and take charge of the business aspect.

How was the Hubup project born?

It’s difficult to express everything in just a few lines! Did it originate from Eric’s observation of the daily challenges faced by drivers and operators? Perhaps during our entrepreneurship course at Sciences Po with Eric, even before I officially enrolled? Or maybe even earlier, during our time in preparatory classes or high school, when the four of us first met.

It’s hard to pinpoint. What’s certain is that all four of us were motivated to lend our assistance and technical expertise to make life easier for drivers and operators. There was so much to explore in this ecosystem, and we continue to learn something new every day.

Can you describe what you do at Hubup?

Today, I oversee Hubup’s sales team. I develop the sales strategy, contribute to product directions, and more broadly, participate in the overall management of the company alongside Eric, Quentin, and Antoine.

My daily routine involves working with my team, supporting and assisting them in their interactions with our clients and prospects. I also manage institutional relationships with groups, public entities, or partner companies.

How has Hubup evolved since its creation?

I would say that we have managed to grow without making compromises, especially on our values:

  • Never engage in one-upmanship and offer a solution at an appropriate rate,
  • Take a proactive approach and never ‘give up’ on a project, even if the difficulties encountered are not our responsibility,
  • Maintain a balance in our company life so that our employees can enjoy a pleasant work environment that does not encroach on their personal lives.

In summary, and even if it seems obvious to us, we maintain a human, listening, and close approach to evolve healthily without rushing.

What is your greatest pride at Hubup?

My personal pride lies in the team, the project. When I think that starting from scratch or very little, we were able to create a profitable company that contributes to sustainable job creation, I believe that is my greatest pride.

I also have a recent memory from the last AGIR Days where I stepped away from the booth for a few minutes and returned to find the sales team completely self-reliant, actively engaging with customers. I was very proud to see that I could rely on them, and that feeling continues to grow today.

How do you see Hubup in 5 years?

The world is ever-changing, and few people could have predicted the last two crises we went through five years ago, which altered some habits and needs of operators. Nevertheless, we managed to adjust our approach and evolve our products to better support them in these new challenges.

So, for 2028, I envision a large team, still human and attentive to the issues of our clients and prospects from all the countries where we will be established at that time. We will have also reassessed ourselves and readapted our products, sometimes with the goal of continuously making the daily lives of our clients easier.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I’ve always been a big geek, and I can be quite passionate about certain aspects of ‘geek culture’: video games, manga, board games… I’m always happy to talk about it! I also practice freediving, which I highly recommend, and a bit of climbing, although I do it less since my partner Antoine moved to a distant land and the birth of my second son.