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About Hubup

Hubup is a startup founded in 2016 with the aim of supporting the various actors in public transport in a more digital and connected world. Combining cutting-edge technologies and close humain relationships, we support our partners in France and around the world in their transition to the Mobility As A Service.

For increasingly efficient public transport we are reducing distances between each of its actors.


Efficiency is the word on everyone's lips in our teams. All our reflections and choices are guided by the concern for efficiency at all levels of the network.


The search of efficiency is never at the expense of simplicity. Our solutions are designed to be implemented and used as simply as possible.


A question? Need support? As a real daily partner, we are by your side to meet all your needs.

Above all, Hubup is a team of passionate people who take great care of their clients!

A startup made in France

From product design to customer support, and including the development of our solutions, all Hubup products and services are created 100% in France. And we are proud of it!


Independent and sustainable

Choose proximity and trust: Hubup is a completely independent company, working for years with diverse stakeholders in different countries. Moreover, all our data and servers are hosted in France.

Listening, responsiveness, and flexibility - in a few words, this is how I would describe our partnership with Hubup.

Franck Wirtz



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