Quentin Rondepierre, CTO at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
L'interview du jour - Quentin Rondepierre
Today, meet Quentin Rondepierre, CTO at Hubup. Discover his journey!

Quentin, could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Quentin Rondepierre, 29 years old, and I am co-founder and CTO at Hubup.

What is your background? What is the origin of Hubup?

After a scientific high school diploma at Lycée Blaise Pascal in Brie-Comte-Robert and a stint in preparatory classes in Fontainebleau, I joined the Ecole des Mines in Nantes – now IMT Atlantique.

It was at high school and in preparatory classes that I met my three comrades: Eric, Cyprien, and Antoine.

I graduated as an engineer at the end of 2015 in the field of energy, quite far from public transport. Shortly after, Eric proposed that I join the Hubup project, and that’s how we started the adventure in early 2016.

Can you describe what you do at Hubup?

Within Hubup, I hold the position of CTO. My daily tasks are quite diverse and can be divided into three main areas:

The first involves designing and participating in the creation of technical and functional specifications at the beginning of projects. Additionally, I provide technical assistance in case of changes in client needs.

The second is in the development domain.I am responsible for the implementation of the front-end (used interfaces) and mobile app, especially those related to GPS surveys, Flexnav, and Geolite.

Last, since, fortunately, I don’t work alone at Hubup, the final focus is on managing the technical team. In other words, this involves allocating different tasks among team members and ensuring the successful completion of projects in terms of deadlines and quality.

What is your greatest pride at Hubup?

I think what I am most proud of at Hubup is having accompanied and helped our technical team grow as new people joined. Unlike the early days of the Hubup adventure, my involvement is no longer required on many projets, and I am surrounded by competent and autonomous developers who take initiatives. Sometimes, they are much more knowledgeable than me in their respective areas!

However, I also have a smell sense of price in the development of version 2 of our Geolite app, in which I invested a lot of energy and personal commitment.

How do you see Hubup in 5 years?

5 years is a long time for a company that is 7 years old! But if I had to predict our evolution, I would say that we will have significantly increased our position in the public transport information systems sector in France. The opportunities are countless, and there is still much to be done in terms of market, needs, and products.

Additionally, I think we will have greatly expanded our international deployment. Currently, we are present in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other French-speaking countries, but this is just the beginning, and our outward projection is set to accelerate in the future.

The team will naturally grow and evolve, but what I don’t want to see change are our values of proximity and responsiveness, as well as the good atmosphere that prevails among us!

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I am a fan of hard rock and metal and play the guitar at my modest level. Outside of the professional context, it’s not impossible to run into me at Hellfest, all dressed in black, of course!