Camille Deau, Customer success manager at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
L'interview du jour - Camille Deau
Today, meet Camille Deau, customer success manager at Hubup. Discover her journey!

Camille, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us more about the position you currently hold?

My name is Camille Deau, I’m 33 years old, and I am a Customer Success Manager at Hubup. In practical terms, I handle the deployment of our solutions for our clients. In reality, I train them on how to use the tool, and I ensure the provision of equipment and provide customer support if necessary.

How did you discover Hubup?

By chance on LinkedIn. I have always held customer-facing roles in various sectors, from e-learning software to the social and solidarity economy, to chocolate. I had really enjoyed my last position in the railway industry, so I was interested in staying in the world of transportation.

Above all, I was looking for a healthy SME that isn’t chasing after the glitz and fundraising frenzy of the startup world.

What do you appreciate in the role of a Customer Success Manager?

It’s a quite comprehensive and diverse role! I am in regular contact with our clients, and I travel all over France to train them. It’s important to be able to go into the field to understand their daily constraints, help them resolve issues, and implement solutions that make their lives easier.

In reality, my role is an extension of the sales team. I also often have the opportunity to work with the technical team to share customer feedback and brainstorm possibilities for improvements or new features.

What is your greatest achievement at Hubup?

Our Qualiopi certification obtained in the summer of 2022! This certification attests to the quality of our training. We had to dissect our entire training process, rethink it, and this allowed us to structure ourselves.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I rarely stray far from my bike, both a mode of transportation and a vacation companion. I have already cycled from Paris to Amsterdam or from Saarbrücken to Basel. These journeys inevitably include a flat tire, a bit of hitchhiking, and some heavy rain, but the unexpected is always more exhilarating than the initial plan!