Antoine Galluet, Co-founder & Business developer Canada at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
Antoine Galluet
Today, meet Antoine Galluet, Co-founder & Business developer Canada. Discover his journey!

Antoine, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Allo, I’m Antoine Galluet, one of the co-founders of Hubup, and I’m in charge of the Canadian subsidiary.

What is your background?

At the beginning, I am a computer engineer. I studied at the UTBM in Belfort, where I had the opportunity to travel for a year on an exchange in Sweden. This taste for discovery has always accompanied me and guided my choices. That’s why I quickly changed roles and took charge of the customer support and training part for our users.

Can you describe what you do at Hubup?

Since my arrival in Canada, I’ve been responsible for sales, deployment, and support for all our Canadian clients. I’m in constant contact with them, striving to meet their needs as effectively as possible. In addition to that, I’m expanding our activities in Eastern Canada and the United States.

What is your greatest pride?

What I love about Hubup is our ability to listen to the needs of our users to evolve our products and make them closely aligned with the needs in the field. I know that I can always count on our developers to find solutions to the problems our users encounter.

How do you see Hubup in 5 years?

We’re on 2 continents, so in 5 years, we need to be on 5 continents! Jokes aside, the needs for public transport are present worldwide. And with climate change, it becomes increasingly important to make this mode of transportation as efficient and accessible as possible. That’s why we will do everything to make our solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

When I have some free time, I try to do sports with climbing and running. Besides that, I am a photography enthusiast and I love wandering the streets of Montreal to capture the beauty of this city.