Guidance & training by GPS

The best guidance system for drivers

Benefit from Hubup's expertise in geolocation and GPS guidance specialized and optimized for passenger transportation

The best guidance system for drivers

We provide you with a GPS fully adapted to the constraints of the bus. Stop points, guidance indications, accident-prine areas, driving tips, guided by customizable visual and sound indications throughout the journey. More details below:


Turn left on Rue de la Tombe Issoire

Caution narrow street until the intersection, watch out for pedestrians


Rue D'Alésia - Tombe issoire

Our products integrate a GPS interface specifically created for bus and coach drivers to facilitate and smooth driving

A rich and complete mapping
Discover all the features included in the maps used in the Operations Control and Real-time Passenger Information System and the GPS training ecosystem

Day/Night modes

Our maps automatically adapt according to the time of day and the season for optimal comfort at the driving position

Satellite mapping

When tracing a line or conducting reconnaissance, take advantage of satellite map display to better visualize stopping points and complex areas.

Audio announcements

Define automatic or customizable audio announcements at stopping points, changes in direction, risk areas,... all with just a few clicks, without recording!

Network operator:

Keolis Basque Adour has chosen Flexnav, the training GPS, to accompany its 250 drivers in learning the lines of its urban and suburban networks.

Since November, Keolis Basque Adour has equipped itself with 5 tablets to train or retrain its drivers on its 45 lines. With increased recruitment during periods of high activity and increased absenteeism due to COVID, Flexnav has made it easier to organize operations while reassuring drivers on the job.

In addition to real-time guidance, KBA drivers also use the web portal to view their lines in advance, including photos, street view, written and spoken instructions, and line instructions. Everything is done to kelp the drivers understand then routes as best as possible.

In terms of operation, in addition to simplifying replacement, Flexnav helps to maintain services even during deviations, construction, and changes in stops... With just a few clicks, a route can be crated and/or modified, allowing for any driver to be sent on the line as quickly as possible. Customer service is ensured and of high quality.

A web portal dedicated to drivers

For drivers who do not have smartphones, or for shared usage in a kiosk mode, Hubup provides a web portal that includes lines, routes, line instructions, diversions, and mapping.


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