Audrey Ravon, Business Developer at Hubup

Publié le 15 November 2023
L'interview du jour - Audrey Ravon
Today, meet Audrey Ravon, Business developer from Les Pays de la Loire to Occitanie at Hubup. Discover her journey!

Audrey, could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Audrey Ravon, 26 years old, and I am a Business developer at Hubup. For the past 3 years, I have been responsible for the Southwestern region of France, from Pays de la Loire to Occitanie. I started as an intern, which later turned into a permanent position.

How did you discover Hubup?

While looking for an apprenticeship, I came across Hubup’s job posting on LinkedIn, as they were in need of business developer to expand their teams.

Beyond the position, I wanted to work in a human-sized, creative company that is always seeking development opportunities.

Through the apprenticeship status, I aimed to be more independent and progress quickly. I also wanted to be proactive in contributing to the company’s growth.

The teams met my expectations, and my journey at Hubup is ongoing.

Today, we have evolved significantly, and we are always eager for growth, both in the development and improvement of our products and in our operations.

With this great progress, what I appreciate is that our clients remain one of our priorities. It’s essential for us to maintain a certain proximity, address their needs, and listen to our clients. We are determined to create a true harmony between our products and the needs of our clients.

What do you appreciate in the role of a business developer?

I enjoy going out into the field to meet prospects and clients. It’s important for us to understand the challenges of the industry and the needs of the teams on-site. Traveling allows us to stay in tune with reality and propose products that meet the clients’ demands.

I had never worked in the transportation sector, but I find it to be an industry that is constantly evolving, with a lot to do, making my daily tasks even more interesting! We need to be curious and constantly stay informed about market trends, key players, and technological innovations. There’s no reason to get bored.

What is your hidden talent/passion?

I have several passions, but I would say that the one that stimulated me the most is basketball. From the age of 5 to 20, basketball taught me how to listen and communicate with the team. I also learned to manage my stress and concentration during a close or decisive match in the team’s ascent or descent.

Today, unable to play, I remain a fervent supporter of my former team!